Bone marrow transplantation cost in India

Bone marrow transplantation cost in India

Bone and the bone marrow

Bone and the bony organization also known as the skeletal organization gives a human body a particular structure and conformation. It is very helpful for a human body as human beings are not static object. They are essentially mobile and dynamic one. They undergo different movement like walking, running, sitting in a particular place, sleeping also. They tend to bend their body is different angles and different way. So for these this bony conformation is tremendously helpful. However this bone structure or the skeletal body also gives the human body protection against shock and injury. The skeletal organization is very much connected as one bone is connected to one another. Therefore it is actually a network forming a protective cage. Within which there are different organs that are present and also functioning properly. There are about 206 bones present in the human body. Each and every bone has got a particular name. The muscles gets connected to the bones thus forming the muscular arrangement of the body. However one of the most important part of the bone is the bone marrow. Bone are present inside the hollow cavity space. They are primarily red in color and are responsible for variety of the purposes the most important being that the formation of the blood cells.

Properties of bone marrow

There is another important property that a bone marrow cell has got. It is similar or more specifically it is type of stem cell that a body possess. Now stem cells are cells that has infinite power to divide and grow in to new cell types. This growth is for infinite number of time if it is maintained in, in vitro condition properly. However the stem cells has the power to yield not only one type of cell but also other different kind of cells too. It is in the true sense is immortal in all aspect. Stem cells are present in very few parts of the human body. It is very sight specific and also cell type specific. Two types of stem cells are present in the human body- the embryonic stem cells and the adult stem cells. The bone marrow belongs to the embryonic stem cells. Bone marrow is very much required for the production of the cells of the blood. The red marrow produces the red blood cells or the RBC’s, the white marrow produces the white blood cells or the WBC’s. These two cell types are the most important constituent of blood.

To cure the problem

Blood problems are very much common in the human body. It happens due to many reasons. One of the reason being the bone marrow problem. If bone marrow is problematic then the cells that constitute the blood will also be problematic. However there is no such treatment in case of bone marrow.


Although transplantation is one of the best method for the treatment of the bone marrow problem. Although bone marrow transplant cost in India is very much high as before the doctor always checks for the immune compatibility between the donor and the recipient.

To go for less side effects

However these crucial treatments should be done in proper places under proper guidance so that less side effects appears.

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