Simple Yet Effective Facial Procedures

Simple Yet Effective Facial Procedures

If you happen to be unsatisfied when it comes to some of your facial features, there are quite a lot of procedures out there that can easily correct those imperfections. We are going to list a couple of most popular choices out there that will easily help you look younger and better, with as little risk as possible when it comes to surgical procedures.


One of the easiest procedures to do, at least today, is rhinoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that revolves around reshaping the nose, and with the technology that we have today, the options are limitless. Another great thing about this procedure is that it will make you completely natural, and the only way someone can tell if your new nose is not the one you were born with, is if they knew you before the surgery.

Thanks to some other technologies, you no longer have to rely on a sketch artist to see how the new nose will look on you, but instead, you can edit your nose in real time on a computer. If you undergo this procedure at Dr Hodgkinson, you can also already choose between many popular nose options.

Minor corrections, great results

 Cheek implants

While it might seem quite unusual, cheek implants are quite an effective and easily performed procedure that can greatly improve one’s looks. It is quite common to say that people who have cheeks that are too small look a bit unhealthy, so if you ever found yourself with a similar thought in your head, this surgical procedure is definitely for you.

Chin Implants

Simple Yet Effective Facial Procedures

A procedure similar to cheek implants is the one that revolves around the area of the chin. While this procedure is not that common among women, it is definitely one of the more popular ones when it comes to men. That is because similar to the stereotype of having thin cheeks, having a strong chin makes a man look more masculine.

Just like with the rhinoplasty procedure, you can make your chin look however you want, especially if you undergo the expert chin augmentation with Dr Hodgkinson or at another equally skilled surgeon. By getting the chin you always wanted, you will also have more self-confidence as well.

Better and healthier look with chin implants

Lip Fillers

Something that a lot of women happen to choose these days are lip fillers. There are all kinds of ways that this procedure can be done, as they can only last for a couple of months, years, or forever, depending on the type of fillers that are used. Consulting with your surgeon about this procedure is the best idea, and it is usually smart to start with temporary fillers first, to see how you are going to feel about them.

Final Word

While there are many simple procedures that can easily correct some of the things that you are not satisfied with, there are even more bigger procedures that can completely change your looks if you are looking for something like that as well.

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