Top 5 Treatments For Varicose Veins

Top 5 Treatments For Varicose Veins

Mostly in the legs, arms or the anklets; varicose veins are enlarged or twisted stratums that take millions of guys into its fold. Varicose veins could be the result of weakened valves in the affected areas. Malfunctioning of these valves in abnormal manners leads to twisted, enlarged or weakened stratums known as varicose veins. They could occur because of old age or genetic factors. Heaviness, burning, tiredness, aching or painful sensations could be the result of these veins that could cause leg swelling and itching etc. Dry skin, calf pain, inflammation and scaling could also be the symptoms of these stratums for which apt varicose veins treatment is a must.

Those suffering from this disorder are recommended the following treatments –

  • Compression stockings – These stockings give good relief by wearing them regularly. Soothing results are experienced by the wearers of these stockings that are much helpful to deter inflammation and pain too.
  • Elevation of legs – This is another big remedy that works wonders. Elevating your legs for considerable time periods is much helpful to say NO to the ill effects of varicose veins.
  • Exercising – Wise physicians suggest the patient to go for simple exercise like cycling, swimming and yoga asana. Going for long walks is good. It is good to avoid sitting or standing for long.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – It is also one of the best treatments for the guys that suffer from varicose veins. Be wise to approach the qualified and experienced doctor for this treatment.
  • Surgery – Having failed to get any fruitful results, surgery is the best method. A well experienced doctor must be consulted for undergoing this procedure. Pregnant women are suggested to wait for a period of at least six weeks for undergoing surgery for treating varicose veins. Services of professional surgeons may be asked by the guys that are extra conscious about their cosmetic aspects. The wise doctor may suggest surgical stripping, i.e. the ligation method that involves few small cuts from the groin below the knee. They are tied off and the veins are removed. The recovery period for this specific procedure is about four to six weeks. There is Endovenous Laser Ablation that also gives good results. This invasive procedure requires the patient to lie on his or her back and a small hollow tube is inserted by the doctor into the major vein of the leg and lasers are used for sealing off the stratums. The blood then passes through the secondary venous system and the pressure on the abnormal bloated varicose veins gets relaxed. They then shrink back to their usual size and shape, thus big relief to the patients.

Those suffering from this ailment must go for varicose veins treatment for good results and great relief.

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