What Is Safer, A Local Anesthesia Or IV Sedation For Your Eyelid Surgery?

What Is Safer, A Local Anesthesia Or IV Sedation For Your Eyelid Surgery?

If you’re planning to undergo an eyelid surgery, you are ideally offered with two possible options to spare you from too much pain- local anesthesia or IV sedation. So which is safer? Which one is for you? Let’s find out!

Which one is safer?

Local anesthesia

Local anaesthesia is generally safe. But the issue here is which type of anesthesia is safer? If Dr Naveen Somia’s breast surgery or eyelid procedure is less than four hours, it will depend on the particular technique of your surgeon and the anesthesia provider. It’s about doctors feeling comfortable with such stuffs, too. Say for instance, most anesthesia providers are likely more comfortable with local Anesthesia since they have a complete control of the airway.

IV sedation

On the other hand, an anaesthesia provider that is adept in IV sedation can normally keep the airway secure, however; it usually needs constant attention. Furthermore, you can expect that IV sedation is a little bit technically harder. Patients need a reliable surgeon that is expert when it comes to anesthetic techniques. When it comes to the risk of complications caused by general anesthesia, it tends to increase proportionately over time. After four hours, the risk of itself becomes a factor that is not dependent of your surgeon. Also, do take note that the possible complications to the blood clots as well as lungs can reach that point where the patient and your doctor must weigh the benefits and risks carefully.

The Difference

With IV sedation, it will block the pain nerve fibers before doing surgery before undergoing the surgery. Be informed that the block lasts for up to twelve to eighteen hours. Having said that, it helps to reduce pain that the patience can experience. Apart from that, the need for narcotics will also be dramatically reduced, particularly when it is combined a specialized pain pump. For your additional information, pain pumps are mounted during the cosmetic surgery Bella Vista like Dr. Naveen Somia procedure and will permit a reservoir of the local anaesthesia to be gently injected to the operated section over the next two to three days.


Ideally, IV sedation poses less side effects compared to anaesthesia. This includes nausea, reduced risk of blood clots and lung complications. Also, another perk is that patientshave the chance to recover much quicker.

You can emerge slowly from general anaesthesia tolocal anesthesia with time. This has a lot of implications. Say for instance, if your surgeon previously performed the procedure with general anaesthesia, patients ideally stay in the recovery room for a couple of hours before the vital signs become stable enough. Also, there is a likelihood of nausea overnight.

Anaesthesia or IV sedation?

So which one do you prefer? To round it up, both anaesthesia and IV surgeon both has benefits and risks. However, it is important that surgeon needs to be comfortable with the plan in order to make the surgery a success. For long surgeries, both patient and the surgeon need to carefully weigh the benefits and risks in order to come up with a wise decision.

Whether it is through local anaesthesia or IV sedation, it is paramount that both the anaesthesia provider and surgeon have to be familiar with the surgical technique. Lastly, having a state of the art hospital and working with a reputed surgeon can help you rest easy thinking that you are in good hands.

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